To create a saving account use the “Savings” tab in the customer profile. Then click on the + Create saving button the upper right-hand corner.

After a new saving page loaded you will have  to specify the following parameters:  

The rest fields present various fees which can be applied, for instance, Deposit fee rate and Deposit fee flat, Entry fees rate and flat, etc.

After filling up all the required information, you will be able to save or discard your changes by clicking Save or Cancel buttons respectively.
After saving the two buttons appear at the upper right-hand corner - Open and Edit. You can make changes anytime unless the account is opened using the Edit button.
To activate the created account, you have to click the  Open button and provide an initial amount in the popup window. Then click Open in this window, and the account will change status from IN PROGRESS to OPEN.


Please note that in order to open a saving account,  the customer has to have funds on his current account. If he doesn't, "Insufficient funds on account" error will appear.

You can deposit funds via the Teller management module.