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About OpenCBS

We're a software company responsible for developing, implementing and supporting OpenCBS. OpenCBS is a comprehensive, robust and adaptable financial management solution that includes open source core software and a rich library of offline or online extensions and applications. OpenCBS puts a premium on adaptability and business impact. Through our services, we help our partners save time, mitigate risk, decrease cost and increase customer satisfaction.

About Wiki is generously provided by Atlassian team to support OpenCBS open-source community. This platform is used to share knowledge and experience of OpenCBS community members. This platform is managed by OpenCBS Team member. 


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  1. user-bbce6

    having problem on printing reports or viewing them with crystal viewer

  2. user-ab8a9

    I want to contribute to the OpenCBS project, so can you please add me as a contributor? thank you

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