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Constructor used for the definition of the standard data fields for the different types of collaterals. Financial institutions have different ways of managing collateral, therefore OpenCBS allows to define collateral related fields in a very flexible way, based on the type of collaterals received.

Create new Collateral type

To create a new Collateral click Create button upper right-hand corner and fill the following fields:

  • Name

Based on the information that you would like to track, you can add fields related to the collateral type that you just entered.

To add a field to the details section, click on Add field button.

Fill up the Field Caption field.

Select Field Type value from the dropdown list:

  • Text – used for short text on one single line
  • Textarea – creates a text box used for longer texts of a few lines
  • List – used for predefined data 
  • Number – used for numbers 
  • Date – used for dates
  • Lookup – used for data from system configuration menus such as locations, loan purposes, professions, payees, business sectors, people, companies
  • Age - used to indicate a person's age. Enter a birth date in YYYY-MM-DD format and age in completed years automatically calculated and appears at the right. 
  • Pattern - used to define allowed character set, e.g. phone number format or national ID length. For example, national ID can't be longer than ten characters and must contain only digits. In this case, your REGEX pattern will look like \d{10} where \d means digit and 10 is a precise length.

    The pattern must be written by technical specialists because it requires some programming understanding. Validation is performed using regular expressions. Check RegExr cheatsheet to learn more. 

Check the below boxes if required:

  • Has a unique value - means that the system will refuse the input of the exact same value again for another person. It can be used to avoid duplication of entries and force the system to refuse the entry of, for instance, the same ID number for two different persons. 
  • Required field - makes the input of the field mandatory and reminds user by adding a red star to the left of the field name.

Once changes are made, click Save to save them or Cancel to discard.

After that, click the Save button to save the new entry or Cancel to quit without changes.

Edit Collateral

Click on the entry you want to edit to go the entry details.

The name can be changed by clicking on the pen icon at the upper right-hand corner of the field. 

To add a field to the collateral, click on + Add field button.

Fill up the Field Caption field.

Select Field Type value from the dropdown list like above.

Check the below boxes you need:

  • Has a unique value
  • Required field

Once changes made click Save to save them or Cancel to discard.

You can add as many fields as you like in the same manner.

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