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OLB stands for Outstanding loan portolio.

A loan balance is the amount left to pay on a borrower's loan. Every loan a borrower takes out will have a loan balance up until the loan is completely paid off. A borrower's loan balance changes on a daily basis because interest is added daily. An outstanding loan balance refers to a past due amount. If a borrower is late on his/her loan payments, he/she is probably looking at a notice referring to his/her outstanding loan balance.

It can be referring to just the loan payment which is past due or the loan balance in its entirety.

To download repayment report, click on green xls sign on the same line with the repayment report. After clicking on the report the pop-up window appears:

  • Choose the date up to which you want to download report data
  • Choose the branch
  • Choose the user
  • Then click on "Submit" and you will get the report.
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