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A loan top up loan is an additional amount that a customer can request to be added to an existing loan. Usually, customers are eligible to apply for a top-up only when they have made regular loan payments on their existing loans, and if they have been borrowers for a certain amount of time already. 

Click the Top up button and the new window opens.

Top up (TOP_UPpermission should be granted to authorised employees using roles permissions. 

Fill up the following fields:

  • Amount - the amount of money to be topped up
  • Interest rate - the interest rate for top up
  • Grace period - the grace period for top up
  • Maturity - the maturity for top-up (in periods)
  • Top up date - the top up date
  • Preferred repayment date - the first repayment date

Once you have finished your changes, click on the Top up button on the upper right-hand corner.

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