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When you click on the profile the customer information page opens. OpenCBS adopts a customer-centric user interface which allows you to quickly access all information related to a customer, including all active and inactive products.

In this section, you can view and edit various information such as:

  • Information - general information about the profile. for instance, name, birth date, etc... (can be customized in Custom Fields)
  • Attachments - any files you need to attach to the profile (images, Word or PDF documents, audio, etc...). Click the + Add button at the upper right-hand corner to upload a new file. Note that you can attach files to the profile of a customer, but also to a specific loan application
  • Current accounts - personal account attached to the customer. Any financial transactions should go through it.
  • Loan applications - customer loan applications
  • Loans - customer loans
  • Savings - customer savings accounts
  • Term deposits - customer term deposit accounts
  • Events - a detailed history of operations associated with the customer

You can click any icon on the left to view the details. For example, clicking a savings account will open the account detailed page where you can perform operations with a savings account.

The Print out menu lets you print the chosen data.

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